Night Creatures

By Kendah El-Ali –PARIS– First known to have opened its doors 1987, Le Point Ephemere–or “Le Point P,” as it used to be called–is a warehouse space in Paris’ (recently) bohemian 19th Arrondissement. Nestled along the former docks of Quai de Valmy on Canal St. Martin, the space backs into Stalingrad, which used to be Paris’ prime crack-selling spot just a few years back. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case. Instead, the area is the setting for some of the most adventurous, fringe, only-in-Paris nights you can find today.

Point Ephemere was officially taken over, converted, and reopened last year as a space for “artistic dynamism.” The space includes art, music, and dance studios, an exposition space, a stage for concerts, a bar, and a multimedia platform.

What to expect come night time? Kitschy, Franco-German electro punk duo Stereo Total; experimental cinema; small, choreographed dance solos; even something as over-the-top as “Cabaret vs Electro”–a night put on by Japan is Not Only Sushi, a Japanese art collective that spreads Japanese cultural love throughout Europe. Regardless of the night, a surprise is always in store, be it Japanese, French, or something else entirely.

Kendah El-Ali is a Midwesterner who also happens to be from Saudi Arabia, and who has lived in many places in between.